NBSCC skin cancer check fees

Skin cancer skin check fees

You might be wondering if you can use your Medicare card to be bulk billed. Neither NBSCC’s Warriewood or Sydney City clinics are bulk billing practices.

However, when you have your skin cancer check, you want to ensure that it delivers the best level of care possible and that nothing is left to chance. Providing a thorough review of your skin (the body’s largest organ) isn’t something that can be slotted into an 8 minute Medicare consult.

So whilst your out of pocket might cost a little more, you can rest assured that your skin cancer check has been as thorough as possible. And that might just save yours or your loved one’s life.

The Drs at NBSCC are often called to give a ‘second opinion’ by patients who have that ‘gnawing feeling’ that something just isn’t right or that something might have been missed in a quick ‘Medicare-esque’ review. Luckily, we find those things others have missed and take care of it quickly with as little impact on the patient as possible.

Full Body Skin Check

All Patients 

Consultation Fee

Medicare Rebate









Follow Up Skin Checks and Spot Checks


Service Fee

Medicare Rebate


All patients (up to 20 minutes)




All patients 





All procedures are all priced at the Medicare rebate plus a nominal amount, with the exception of excisions which attract a gap gee of $175.00 for initial excision and $50.00 for each subsequent excision (on the same day) for all patients.

Medicare rebates for excisions are dependent on the item number for the procedure preformed.

Northern Beaches Skin Cancer Clinic is linked to Medicare and therefore has the ability to claim on your behalf, saving you the hassle of that Medicare queue.