If you’re looking for further information on skin cancer, you might like to read these:

Apps to help you stay sun-safe

Got a smartphone? Why not download a Sun Smart app to stay safe in the sun – https://itunes.apple.com/au/app/sunsmart/id402707467?mt=8


Latest research

Read the latest in skin cancer research and care – News from Skin.Cancer Research

What you need to know about Vitamin D – http://www.cutyourcancerrisk.org.au/enough_vitamin_d.htm 


Your children & sun exposure

Keeping your children sun smart – http://www.cutyourcancerrisk.org.au/how-to-keep-kids-sunsmart.html 


Choosing the right sunscreen

How to find the sunscreen that’s right for you – Choice’s guide to buying and using sunscreen

What SPF 50+ really means – SunSense’s sunscreen 101

Your skin care questions answered, from what SPF is to sunscreen regulations. Therapeutic Goods Administration’s sunscreen FAQ


Melanoma resources

The essential facts you need about melanoma – Melanoma Institute Australia on understanding Melanoma

A comprehensive guide on the stages of melanomas, and the treatment options offered at each stage – Melanoma Patients Australia’s guide to understanding Melanoma


Success stories

Jo’s story – http://www.cutyourcancerrisk.org.au/success-story-jo.html 


Assessing your risk

What puts you at risk of skin cancer? The answer to that question, with additional facts and information – Skin cancer risk factors

Information about tanning, from the dangers of solariums to the ways UV affects your skin – The risks of tanning


Facts & stats

Facts and statistics about skin cancer in Australia – SunSmart’s skin cancer FAQ

Cancer Council Facts and figures – http://www.cutyourcancerrisk.org.au/cancer-stats

Information on UV radiation risks – http://www.cancer.org.au/preventing-cancer/workplace-cancer/uv-radiation.html

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