What to expect during your skin cancer check

  1. Your doctor will talk to you about your skin and any concerns you might have.
  2. Then Dr Argent or Dr Green will review your skin cancer risk profile taking into consideration factors such as your family history and life sun exposure.
  3. Your skin will then be examined under polarised light. You can request either a partial or complete examination (which goes down to your underwear). However, it’s advisable for you to undergo a complete examination, since skin cancer can occur in places you’d least expect, which haven’t been exposed to the sun. Just as example, we’ve come across skin cancer in between patients’ toes and under armpits!
  4. Once the examination is complete, if you are in need of treatment, your doctor will discuss the most suitable options for you.
  5. Don’t worry, if you need a small skin sample taken for pathology, you’ll be given a local anaesthetic first.

Various surgical and non-surgical treatments are available, including cryosurgery (freezing), curette and cautery, and chemotherapy creams.

NBSCC uses the most cutting edge medical imaging technologies to look at your skin to ensure you’re getting an as ‘up close’ look as possible to monitor your freckles, moles, spots, lumps and bumps.

Northern Beaches

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