Patient responsibilities

Your doctors at NBSCC are dedicated to providing you the very best care available. Sometimes that means you might also have to do a little bit of work too (not much, we promise).

We ask that you please;

  • tell the reception staff if there are any changes to your name, address, telephone number, or Medicare Card.
  • ask your doctor If there is anything you are confused about or unsure of,.
  • allow at least 24 hours notice if you cannot come to an appointment. Warning – we may charge you a cancellation fee if you cancel appointments less than 24 hours before the time.
  • call after 10am – especially if you’d like to avoid having to wait on the phone.
  • call us to arrange an appointment if you’re sent a recall card – it’s a vital part maintaining your ongoing health and well-being.
  • ensure that you see the reception staff before leaving in order to schedule the next appointment if your doctor requests one.

You can read more about fees, NBSCC’s doctors and NBSCC’s medical technology.

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